We share this list of opportunities for you to kōkua in ways that are meaningful to you. 

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When you become an HVCB member, you’re teaming up with an independent marketing organization responsible for building, maintaining and promoting the Hawaiʻi brand, arguably the most successful in the history of destination marketing. 

That means we’re experts on your customers; we have the most up-to-date data, statistics, and research on visitors, and insights and tools to help you reach them pre- and post-arrival. We conduct extensive training on crucial topics like culture, sustainability, and marketing. We give you access to advertising co-ops, image assets and priority invites to participate in meeting and travel trade national sales blitzes and trade shows to increase your visibility. 

We’re also the nerve center of the larger tourism community, with Island Chapters on the ground and in touch with every county, and we can connect you to exclusive strategic networking opportunities so that you can build relationships and cultivate partnerships to gain a competitive edge and help your organization succeed. 

And while we have a significant role to play in owning the brand and marketing the Hawaiian Islands, our job is best done in close collaboration with those who deliver incredible experiences. 

That’s where partners like you come in - you offer the accommodations, services, cuisine, tours, retail therapy, cultural education, and other experiences that define our visitors’ stay. When we are all aligned and working together in the spirit of lōkahi - unity, agreement, and harmony - both the brand and the product are stronger. That’s good not only for meeting your business goals. It’s imperative for the health of the #1 driver of economic well-being for our entire state. 

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