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Partnership Opportunities

HVCB and its Island Chapters offer a variety of Leisure, Travel Trade, and MCI marketing opportunities that we encourage you to participate in for the domestic United States market. Partnership opportunities are part of HVCB’s firm-wide marketing plan to increase travel demand to Hawaii, and include digital and social media marketing, public relations, travel trade, and meeting sales programs.

The 2021 Partnership Opportunities documents are available for download below. Please note: These opportunities reflect current plans and will undoubtedly change given the evolving recovery environment. Details will be updated as conditions warrant.

The timing and costs of these programs vary. Please contact the representative listed for more information on each specific opportunity.

    Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau 2021 Partnership Opportunities - Updated September 15, 2021


2021 HVCB Brand Assets/Partners Toolkit

Brand assets for the use of our partners. The Malama Hawaii Program folder contains updated malama messaging, images, and video links.

Download the Brand Assets/Partners Toolkit here.


Hawaiian Islands Brand Guidelines

Once travelers learn the unique story of Hawaii, they will know why it is one of the most special places on the planet.

Download the Brand Guidelines here.


Maemae Toolkit

The toolkit will provide you with the essential information you need to accurately and authentically promote the Hawaiian Islands. From geographical and cultural information, to descriptions of Hawaii traditions and customs, this is your guide for basic knowledge about Hawaii.

Download the Maemae Toolkit here.


Image Library

In partnership with the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the Knowledge Bank is a free online resource that reflects the natural beauty and offerings of each of the Hawaiian Islands. It is part of the overall brand management efforts for the destination. The library includes photos and videos featuring our culture, people, activities, cuisine, and more.

Prior to accessing the library, the Terms and Conditions of Use must be reviewed carefully and accepted by the requestor.


Tools for Use with your Guests and Customers

Links to videos that educate visitors on destination safety protocols and the important role visitors play in our community.

  • Hawaii Travel Tips
    • Hawaii Travel Tips: Culture
      You don't just bring home memories, but the spirit of Hawaii itself. It is important to change your mindset while visiting the Hawaiian Islands. Think about it from a Hawaiian perspective, and come with an open mind and an open heart.

    • Hawaii Travel Tips: Land Safety
      Local land safety experts and nature conservationists share their tips on weather preparedness, land access, and trail protocol so that you stay safe and mindful while minimizing your impact on the trails.

    • Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Safety
      Water safety experts encourage you to always visit beaches with a lifeguard, check on conditions ahead of time, and look out for common ocean hazards such as rip currents, rocks, and shore breaks.

    • Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation
      The ocean is a source of adventure and food, and home to countless marine animals, such as monk seals and more. A few tips to keep these creatures safe.

  • Kauai Travel Tips
    • Kauai Travel Tips: Travel Pono
      The ocean is a source of adventure and food, and home to countless marine animals, such as monk seals and more. A few tips to keep these creatures safe.

    • Kauai Travel Tips: Culture
      Hula has always been at the heart of Hawaiian culture, connecting them with Kauai’s cultural traditions and stories.

    • Kauai Travel Tips: Land Safety
      Going the distance on trails is better when you’re prepared for what’s to come. Be mindful of hiking conditions to ensure your safety as well as preserve the natural environment.

    • Kauai Travel Tips: Ocean Safety
      Kauai is known for its beautiful beaches. What’s not as well-known are all the ways to stay safe in the water.

  • Oahu Travel Tips


  • Maui Nui Travel Tips
    • Molokai Travel Tips: Travel Pono
      Experience a deeper connection when you visit Molokai by coming with humility, an open mind and a readiness to embrace the aloha spirit.

    • Maui Travel Tips: Culture
      Hawaii leaves a lasting impression on those who visit. Show your respect for Maui’s breathtaking natural beauty by taking only pictures and leaving only footprints.

    • Maui Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation
      We encourage visitors to enjoy the water but to be mindful of their impact on marine life so we can keep this special place beautiful and thriving.

    • Maui Travel Tips: Ocean Safety
      Always swim when a lifeguard is on duty and be aware of conditions before going in the water. Check the water conditions ahead of time, and always be on the lookout for big waves, strong winds, and currents.

    • Maui Travel Tips: Astute Renting
      With so many beautiful rental options on the island, many properties often seem too good to be true. Vet rentals and avoid any potential scams. Just a few minutes of research can save you your entire deposit and make for a much better vacation experience.

  • Island of Hawaii Travel Tips


Collateral Review

Feel confident that your marketing materials are culturally appropriate for our destination. We will review Hawaiian language spelling, including the use of diacritical markings for accuracy; provide guidance on proper use of place names and imagery; and review content that reflects an authentic and relevant representation of Hawaii’s culture.

Read more on our Cultural and Product Development Services page.