We share this list of opportunities for you to kōkua in ways that are meaningful to you. 

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Meet the Team

Tom Mullen Interim President & Chief Executive Officer - Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer



"I find it extremely rewarding to work with the team here at HVCB where everyone puts their best effort forward in everything we do."

Jay Talwar Senior Vice President of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer

"My favorite place in Hawaiʻi is a walk around my neighborhood, where before and after work the loudest sound is often the birds and the wind blowing through trees."

Corporate and Financial Services

Donna Valenciano Controller

Shari Lee Director, Human Resources

"Kahului, Maui, holds a special place in my heart. The time spent there with my cousins, uncles, aunties and grandmother has created long lasting memories. Remembering the relaxing days picnicking at the beach to indulging in Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen, Guri Guri from Tasaka Shop, and Manju from Home Maid Bakery, still brings a smile to my face!"

Andrew Bailey Corporate Services Coordinator

"Some of my favorite places are the forest trails outside the populated areas of Honolulu. I'm always amazed such nature exists mere minutes away from the hustle and bustle."

Brandon Goda Compliance Analyst

"The most fulfilling aspect of my kuleana at HVCB is sharing why I'm proud to call Hawaiʻi home and inspiring visitors to feel the same sense of what makes Hawaiʻi so special."

Sa Taʻala Executive Assistant to T. Mullen - Board Corporate Secretary

"Waikīkī is my favorite place in Hawaiʻi. It is special to me not only because of its history but I have lived here most of my life as well."

Island Chapters


Sue Kanoho Managing Director, Island Chapters - Executive Director, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

"My most cherished memories include witnessing an eruption of Pele at Halemaʻumaʻu Crater, snorkeling with Manta Rays in Kona on Island of Hawaiʻi, a helicopter landing at Manawaiopuna Falls on Kauaʻi, and every time I see a rainbow!"

Maile Brown Director of Sales & Marketing, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

"Waimea Canyon is truly one of my favorite places in Hawaiʻi because it is so beautiful."

Patricia Ornellas Destination Manager, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

"My two favorite places are on Kauaʻi – Kalāheo because it is where my home and heart is and Kōkeʻe – the beauty and serenity… being there realigns and revitalizes me."

Lani Kaui Sales Manager, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

"Kauaʻi is my favorite place in Hawaiʻi because I love the small communities, shared cultures, and the beauty of our island to enjoy."

Christy Lagundino Office Coordinator, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

"I was born and raised on Kauaʻi and am very proud to call this island my home. I feel blessed to be surrounded by my ʻohana and the Aloha spirit."


Noelani Schilling-Wheeler Executive Director, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau

"I truly enjoy sharing with and educating our clients – consumers, media or travel trade – how special the Hawaiian Islands, the people and cultures here are. But engaging them to enjoy this place intimately while being mindful, respectful and protective of our Islands."

Karishma Chowfin Director of Sales, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau

"To know better is to do better. I have always felt an incredible sense of responsibility to do right by this destination, for my home, for my nieces, nephews, friends and family who call this place home as well. Sharing how to be pono, act pono, inspires and motivates me about my kuleana at HVCB & OVB."

Catherine Orlans Oʻahu Destination Manager, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau

"Ultimately, my role as a Destination Manager involves not only promoting Oʻahu as a desirable destination but doing so in a way that respects, protects, and enhances the unique character of our community."

Kalaʻi Pomroy Marketing & Sales Manager, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau

"Hilo is my favorite place. It's my hometown and where I've created most of my memories."


Sherry Duong Executive Director, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

"My favorite place in Hawaiʻi is on the island of Maui. Haleakalā for the sunrise or sunset and also the stunning and diverse landscape views of Kula. Such a peaceful and tranquil feeling when visiting upcountry Maui and taking in farmers markets."

Leanne Pletcher Director of Public Relations & Marketing, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

"I would have never imagined the deep sense of purpose I've experienced through so many different chapters. It's been a true privilege to be able to interact with media, co-workers and the community through these experiences."

June Pagdilao Director of Sales, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

"I love meeting people, educating and inspiring old and new generations on the value of the Hawaiian culture."

Janet Kuwahara Senior Manager of Operations, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

"To me Kula is the most beautiful place on earth and I am lucky enough to live there!"

Meagan DeGaia Destination Manager, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

"Puʻupehe on the island of Lānaʻi is my most favorite place in Hawaiʻi. I was overcome with emotion the first time that I went there. I also love that you can see koaʻe kea flying overhead, which is one of my favorite birds here :) "

Rachelle Duarte Administrative Specialist

"ʻĪao Valley holds a special place in my heart. It's where my husband grew up and where we were married. It was always the place where our families would get together. Grandparents got to see the grandkids and special memories were made."


Scott Pauli Executive Director, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

"I love being able to promote regenerative tourism on the Island of Hawaiʻi in a respectful way, and to be able to be a part of the solutions to the problems that our residents are faced with that will allow us to preserve our ʻāina."

Deanna Isbister Director of Sales, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

"I cherish the relationships that I have developed with our island partners to help them be successful in business yet mindful of overall visitor messaging and meeting visitors that are excited and appreciative of being able to visit the Hawaiian Islands."

Donna Kimura Director, Marketing, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

"My favorite place in Hawaiʻi is in my hometown of Waimea. It is where I feel most connected to place and family from previous generations."

Rachel Kaiama Destination Manager - Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

"Hawaiʻi never ceases to amaze me. Majestic mountains, the deep blue waters, the lovely flowers, fauna and forests and the people, the beautiful and colorful people of the islands."

Kalei Bridges Sales Manager, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

"My most cherished memories are of my kupuna and how they celebrated life through moʻolelo, mele, and hula."

Market Insights & Customer Relationship Management


Jeffrey Eslinger Senior Director, Market Insights & CRM

"I feel a deep responsibility in the work that I do as I provide insight, knowledge and consultation to our community who in turn use this insight to make informed decisions."

Roxanne Relles Manager, Customer Relationship Management

"North Kohala on Hawaiʻi island is my favorite place where I lived as a child and holds great childhood memories for me. It is a place that is enriched with a profound history of Hawaiʻi and is most known as the birthplace of Kamehameha the Great. I always look forward to visiting ʻohana who live there."

Stancen Abbey CRM Specialist

"I love going to Puʻuloa Beach! It’s relaxing and gives me endless film shots on my camera."


Gina Chun Senior Director, Advertising and Marketing Programs

"I’m here because I want to be vested in doing the kind of elevated work that this organization uniquely undertakes – and at a top performing caliber that benchmarks our performance at a national level."

Kainoa Daines Senior Director, Destination Education

"I love being able to support staff education and watching everyone learn and grow as an HVCB ʻohana."

Kara Imai Senior Director, Digital Marketing

"My kuleana at HVCB is to invite the kind of visitors to Hawaiʻi that I would enjoy having in my home. I’m inspired to do this every day as it not only makes a difference to the entire state, but personally to my family and community."

Darlene Morikawa Senior Director, Corporate Public Relations, and Destination Management

"I feel the best part of my job is hearing people's stories and how they speak about what they do, the community they live in, their experiences, and their passion. I appreciate and understand that I'm privileged to hear their stories and I, in turn, have the privilege of sharing it."

Lei-Ann Field Senior Director, Visitor Public Relations, and Communications

"It is a privilege to share the incredible stories of Hawaiʻi's people, place and culture with media on the continent. It is a kuleana that I do not take lightly as it is critical in educating our visitors about the importance, and benefits, of traveling mindfully."

Susie Kim Director, Content Development

"My favorite place is Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park. It has a deep and spiritual presence that makes me feel both alive and at peace whenever I visit."

Marisa Wong Director, Social Media

"My most cherished memory is going to Waikīkī Beach with my grandparents. During the summers, they would take all of us grandkids to Waikīkī Beach where we would swim, play in the sand, and picnic while watching the sunset."

Keenan Chung Social Media Manager

"My favorite place in Hawaiʻi is Heʻeia. I love the landscape that this ahupuaʻa provides with many resources, both culturally significant and modern. Plus, you can't help but love waking up to the view of the beautiful Koʻolau mountain range every morning."

Taryn Pascua Manager, Public Relations

"Since I live in bustling Honolulu, I enjoy visiting the quiet areas on the North Shore to stargaze."

Heidi Fujimoto Executive Assistant, Marketing

"My favorite place in Hawaiʻi is in the water off Waikīkī – sailing on a catamaran with the wind filling the sails and the sun shining and turning the ocean a beautiful turquoise blue. The smell of the salty air, the sea spray on my face, it fills my soul and makes me feel alive!"

Meet Hawaiʻi

Lynn Whitehead Vice President, MCI Global Sales

"An aspect of my kuleana at HVCB that I find most fulfilling is understanding the values and practices of potential groups and ensuring their goals for their visit align with our values of cultural respect, environmental responsibility, and regenerative tourism."

Adrienne Nudo Senior Director, Citywide Sales

"A cherished memory is participating in my first Hiʻuwai. I was able to experience this cultural tradition on the beach in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The tradition focuses on self-reflection and thinking of the people that came before us."

Meredith Parkins Regional Director of Sales, Eastern Region

"One of the most fulfilling aspects of my kuleana at HVCB is working with my clients, partners and team members!"

Kathy Dever Regional Director of Sales, Midwest Region

"I find sharing the deeper meaning of the Islands with others traveling here to be a wonderful gift and one that I always look forward to."

Laurie Wong Ihara Senior Director of Sales, Single Property

"Haleʻiwa Beach is one of my favorite places. Restorative, peaceful, clear blue waters. Memories of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Fishing, searching for sand crabs and sand turtles, and picking limu back in the day."

Tom Casademont Senior Director, Citywide Sales

Trevor Newman Director, Citywide Sales, Business Development

"I love working behind the scenes to bring people from diverse backgrounds to Hawaiʻi for education, networking, inspiration, and leisure. Contributing to the personal and professional growth of meeting attendees fills me with pride, while also making a positive impact on our economy and tourism industry."

Susanna Flores Director, Citywide Sales

Lee Conching Director, Client Services

"My favorite place in Hawaiʻi is the Makapuʻu lighthouse. You can enjoy the trail walk in the morning and watch the sun rise from the water beginning a brand new day. Nothing more 'chicken skin' than that."

Josette Murai, CMP, CPCE Senior Manager, Sales Administration

"North Kohala on the Island of Hawai‘i is my favorite place because its my home, where I was born and raised. It's always so nice to go home to unwind and spend time with family and friends I've known since before starting school."

Autumn Armijo Sales Coordinator

Karla Sison Sales Coordinator


Karen Wataru Nakaoka Senior Director, Member and Community Engagement

"My favorite place on Oʻahu is Kaimana Beach, where I begin and end most days. After a quiet walk around Kapiʻolani Park and a visit to the Queen’s statue, which reminds me daily to Kulia I ka nu'u, I sit in the still of the morning to set my intentions for the day. In the evening, I often reflect in awe at the breathtaking sunsets that spark daily gratitude for the beauty of our island and this place we are blessed to call home."

Bill Kennedy Senior Manager, Membership Services and Operations

"In my 25 years at HVCB, I've seen how important the relationships with our members can be. I enjoy getting to know a company and helping them take advantage of the benefits they receive to help them achieve their goals."

Armida York Manager, Membership Development and Engagement

"My love affair with Hawaiʻi began on a trip to Maui in 2008. The warmth of the people, the richness of the culture, and the beauty of the island captivated me. Two years later, I had the incredible opportunity to relocate to Oʻahu. "

Eric Mok Manager, Membership Communications and Events

"What I love most about my kuleana at HVCB is being able to create connections and enrich partnerships with our members through our events and newsletters."

Travel Trade

Robyn Basso Senior Director, Travel Industry Partnerships

"What most inspires me about my kuleana at HVCB is that I have the incredible opportunity to work alongside some of the most dedicated people in the tourism industry and together, and in different ways, we get to share what makes Hawaiʻi so special and communicate the importance of mālama."

Vanessa Johnson Director of Travel Industry Partnerships

Christy Calabrese Senior Manager, Travel Industry Partnerships

"Educating mindful travelers and travel agents through content creation brings me the most joy as it fosters respect and care for our island home."


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