We share this list of opportunities for you to kōkua in ways that are meaningful to you. 

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Partnership Opportunities

HVCB and its Island Chapters execute a variety of Leisure, Travel Trade, and MCI marketing opportunities that we encourage you to participate in for the domestic leisure United States market and the global MCI market.

Partnership opportunities include digital marketing, public relations, travel trade, and meeting sales programs. They are part of the firm-wide destination marketing plan to influence travel demand to Hawaiʻi in a way that is authentic, targeted, and market-appropriate; is focused on Hawaiʻi’s unique culture and natural environment; and supports Hawaiʻi’s economy by effectively attracting mindful higher-spending, lower-impact travelers.

The 2024 Partnership Opportunities document is available for download below. These opportunities reflect current plans and may change. Details will be updated as conditions warrant.

The timing and costs of these programs vary. Please contact the representative listed for more information on each specific opportunity.