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E-xpressly for Travel Professionals (EXTP) - Program Overview

The E-xpressly for Travel Professionals (EXTP) e-newsletter is sent monthly to over 60,000 travel professionals in the U.S., including our 14,000+ Hawaiʻi Destination Specialist certified travel pros.

The goal of this monthly e-newsletter is to educate travel sellers and other travel professionals in the United States of current Hawaiʻi promotions, specials, and travel trends, and to improve their knowledge of and sales to the Hawaiian Islands.

Our broadcasts reach agency owners and managers, franchise agencies, front line agents, and the home-based travel agent sector.

A sample of the newsletter layout can be found below.

To participate, contact the Membership Department at membership@hvcb.org or call Bill Kennedy, Manager, Membership Services and Operations, at 808-924-0267.

Listed below are rates and specifications:

Large Ad (4) per month

EXTP Large ExampleMember Rate: $720.00 (plus 4.712% GET) per listing, per month

Non-Member Rate: $1440.00 (plus 4.712% GET) per listing, per month


  • Company Image
    • Image should be a photo, not a logo or graphic.
    • Images should be submitted at 640x480 pixels, but will be cropped and/or resized to fit the newsletter layout. Images will be displayed at about 185x136 pixels.
    • Must be representative of your business and appropriate in consideration of the overall look and feel of the e-newsletters.
  • Company Name
  • Special Offer Headline (45 characters, includes spaces)
  • Body (120 characters, w/spaces – no bold, italicized or ALL CAP text)*
  • Link (no bold, italicized or ALL CAP text – All Links will read “Click here”)



*To ensure the EXTP continues to be perceived as a valuable sales tool ALL ads MUST include a value offer to travel professionals (i.e. special booking offer, info on new product or promotion, 5th night free programs, reward program)

Click here for the EXTP insertion order. (Under construction)

If you have any additional questions please e-mail bkennedy@hvcb.org.

Note: Cancellation Policy

Prior to the running of the monthly advertisement, advertiser may cancel the campaign with 90 days advance written notification without penalty.  Failure to notify cancellation of insertion will be required to pay the full price for the insertion.