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Islands of Aloha (IOAX) - Program Overview

The Islands of Aloha Express (IOAX) is a monthly e-mail newsletter sent to nearly 180,000 opt-in leisure consumers each month. The e-newsletter is filled with things to do and see when visiting all of the islands, usually within a set theme for the month. Subscribers are gained via prominent real estate throughout the site, and cooperative marketing campaigns.

A sample of the newsletter layout can be found below.

Click here for the IOAX insertion order. (Under construction)

Islands of Aloha Express ad format (4) per month

Member Rate: $1500.00 (plus 4.712% GET) per listing, per month

Non-Member Rate: $3000.00 (plus 4.712% GET) per listing, per month


  • Company Image
    • Image should be a photo, not a logo or graphic.
    • Images will be displayed at about 160x200 pixels in a portrait orientation.
    • Must be representative of your business and appropriate in consideration of the overall look and feel of the e-newsletters.
  • Company Name
  • Body (45 characters, w/spaces – no bold, italicized or ALL CAP text)
  • Link (Choose preferred call to action - Find More, See More, Do More, Learn More, Book Now )

If you have any additional questions please e-mail

Note: Cancellation Policy

Prior to the running of the monthly advertisement, advertiser may cancel the campaign with 90 days advance written notification without penalty.  Failure to notify cancellation of insertion will be required to pay the full price for the insertion.

Islands of Aloha Express Example