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Kahe Wale Newsletter

Translated, Kahe Wale means “free flowing”. We invite you to share in the free flowing of information, from HVCB to you, our valued member. Working with all HVCB departments, our goal is to provide insight into available tools and resources, updates on member initiatives, and learning opportunities.



As the pandemic continues to disrupt the industry, you, our industry partners, continue to demonstrate resilient leadership. For the last year and a half, COVID and its major byproduct, the fluctuating restrictions on travel, have caused extremely negative impacts on all of our... Read More


While the pandemic continues to disrupt our recovery, we can face the new restrictions levied by State and County governments with the confidence of having maneuvered through the last 18 months. Read More


The last few weeks have been quite a roller coaster for HTA, HVCB and the industry as HTA’s future funding and mode of operating were decided by the Legislature. It is extremely important that the industry, led by HTA and supported by HVCB, foster an understanding within the... Read More


Summer passenger arrivals are proving that the pent-up demand for travel is real. Travelers are feeling more confident about travel, the latest destination analysts reports shows that more than 80% of Americans are in a travel ready state of mind. Read More


The return of visitors continues to grow at a steady pace. We have welcomed over 1.5 million visitors in 2021, with April’s count of 574,332 making up 38% of total arrivals year to date. Destination Analysts findings show that the returning belief in travel’s safety remains... Read More


After a year of navigating the pandemic, it brings a sense of hope and relief to see the current environment moving in a positive direction. As of this writing, we had 481,582 passenger arrivals in April. Of that total, 394,710 were visitors. Of the total arrivals, there were... Read More


There is a feeling of hope and optimism circulating in the industry. A reduction in positive COVID-19 cases and the rollout of the Hawaii vaccination program, along with reports that travelers are more and more ready to travel bring a much-welcomed sense of a start to recovery. Read More


As we near the anniversary of the shutdowns caused by the pandemic, none of us would have guessed that this is where we would be one year later. My team and I meet regularly with government officials, HTA, and other industry stakeholders. We continue to advocate for the needs of... Read More


2020 was undoubtedly the most challenging year in the history of hospitality, bringing unimaginable challenges and loss. However, crisis also brings opportunity and like all of you, we looked for new ways to do business and stay connected to our visitors, residents and most... Read More



This year certainly has felt deep and rough; however, we remain standing and continue to bravely face the challenges and seek opportunities to rebuild Hawaii tourism. We’ve seen some progress this week, Canada has joined the Continental United States and Japan in the pre-travel... Read More


As the time has come to once again welcome visitors, we can’t help but reflect on the last seven months. Through the many challenges, our industry has consistently demonstrated hospitality, courage and resiliency. We have cared for visitors arriving to carry out essential duties,... Read More