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Halloween Costume Contest


Vote for your favorite costumes! Criteria to keep in mind:

  1. Creativity and Originality
  2. Use of materials/fabrics/accessories, etc. to portray the overall theme and/or character.
  3. Represents the true “SPIRIT” of Halloween

#1 Gomez & Morticia

Adrienne Addams

#2 Extra Christy Bacon

Christy Bacon

#3 Gas Prices

Pauline Gas Pump

#4 Jocy-lantern

Jocelyn Jack O Lantern

#5 Mad Mamma Scientist and Her Creations

Mad Mamma Lei

#6 Velociraptor Wrangler


  #7 Silent Bob or Kainoa?
Silent Cat

Send your Top 3 votes to Shari by Friday, November 11th.