IHVB and OVB attended HTChina’s Travel Mission events at ITB Shanghai and travel trade and media events in Shanghai and Beijing to support HTChina’s sales efforts and relationships, to provide destination specific knowledge and education, to ensure that island messaging and position on destination management was shared, and to meet and kōkua HTChina’s clients with island expertise.
ITB China (Shanghai), May 27-29.  HTChina’s booth conducted a total of 117 1x1 booking appointments that included 12 appointments for OVB and IHVB. 


Meetings, May 28.  HTA, HTChina, State Senator DeCoit, State Representative Quinlan, State Representative Holt, OVB and IHVB met with Spring Group to discuss the potential of adding air routes to Hawai‘i, co-sharing opportunities, and tour packaging opportunities. The Hawai‘i group also met with Ctrips / Trip.com, discussing a travel trade partner event on O‘ahu in 2025.   

HTC Networking VIP Dinner in Shanghai, May 28.  VIP event included guests and clients from the US Consulate Shanghai, major air carriers, top OTAs, wholesalers and travel media that the team from Hawai‘i were able to impact. 24 attendees.  

HTC Trade Mission Beijing, May 31.  Trade event at the US Embassy where IVBs presented to top wholesalers and OTAs, major airlines and travel media. Program comprised of IVB destination presentations, and tradeshow / networking. 56 attendees. 


HTC & US Embassy VIP Dinner event in Beijing, May 31. VIP event in Beijing including guests from the US Embassy, major airlines, top OTA’s, wholesalers, travel media and education institutions (Beijing Foreign Language University and Beijing Middle School). 17 attendees. 

IPW Conference – Los Angeles, CA – May 3-7, 2024

IHVB 5   IHVB 6   IHVB 7

  • Along with HTA and select GMTs (HTOceania, HTChina, HTCanada and HTEurope), the IVBs participated in IPW 2024.  HTA booth had 214 trade appointments.
  • HTA had 75 media appointments over three days.  Including invites to the Pau Hana, the PR team had 120 total media connections. 
  • Client luncheon network engagements over three days, by MMA:  
  • May 5:  14 clients each for Oceania and Canada 
  • May 6:  Europe had 32 clients – 15 UK and 17 Germany & Switzerland 
  • May 7:  13 clients each for Korea and China. 
  • Pau Hana events. Unfortunately, it was not easy to gauge how many clients attended.  A maximum of 80 clients were planned for the two days (May 5 & 6).