• FEB. 3: Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival
  • FEB. 17 & 18:  Panaʻewa Stampede Rodeo
  • FEB. 24 & 25:  9th Annual SOKO Artist Studio Weekend
  • MAR. 09: Kona Brewer’s Festival

Island Chapter Updates: 

  • IHVB Annual Meeting: Feb. 13, Waikoloa Beach Marriott
  • Hilton MCI FAM: Mar. 11 – 15
  • Travel Agent Forum: Mar. 24 – 27 Las Vegas
  • Consumer E-mail, Mar. 28
  • Travel Weekly Leadership Forum:  Apr 9 Honolulu

DMAP Updates: 

12.12 – 12.24 Fun 12-Days of Christmas Interesting Facts about Tourism IHVB executed a resident communication initiative on Hawai‘i_Island_DMAP Instagram’s account in December. The social media posts showcased the ‘āina, people, and highlighted educational tourism data from DBEDT. The posts support HTA’s role in community, initiatives in agriculture, DMAP, and non-profit community-based stewardship programs performed between 2021 into the upcoming year, 2024.    The music pinned posts counted down the days before Christmas, asked the audience if they knew “this” about tourism, and shared a daily fact that was created to be fun and educational. The following are the 12 days of interesting facts about tourism posted on Instagram. To follow DMAP on Instagram visit hawaii_island_dmap. ACTIONS: A.2, D1, D3, E1, E3, G2.

  1. The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority was established in 1998 through a legislative act to serve as the state’s lead agency supporting tourism. HTA is guided by four pillars which are natural resources, Hawaiian culture, community, and brand marketing. Resource: Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, Who We Are Resource: Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, Who We Are
  2. The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA) partnered with the Island of Hawai‘i Visitor Bureau (IHVB), and a diverse sector of non-profits community and business leaders known as the island-based Steering Committee. They produced the island’s regenerative tourism plan called the Hawai‘i Island Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP). The committee came up with ten actions and forty-three sub actions that identified areas of need and actionable solutions for enhancing the residents’ quality of life and improving the visitor experience across the island.  Resource: Hawai‘i Island Destination Management Action Plan 2021 – 2023.
  3. One hundred, seventy-two thousand (172.1K) number of jobs were tourism related jobs in the State of Hawai‘i and 22.3K were on the Island of Hawai‘i.  Resource: Tourism and the Hawai‘i Economy, DBEDT Research Division, Oct. 2023 
  4. Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s Holomua website is where you can read more about Hawai‘i Island DMAP actions items moving forward.  Resource: Holomua, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority.  
  5. Tourism contributed $22.5billion in visitor related expenditure in 2022 to the State Economy Tourism and the Hawai‘i Economy, DBEDT Research Division, Oct. 2023 
  6. Tourism contributed $2.007 billion dollars to Hawai‘i Island GDP. Tourism and the Hawai‘i Economy, DBEDT Research Division, Oct. 2023 
  7. The Hawai‘i County and the Honolulu County together accounted for 84 percent of the agriculture products consumed by visitors on various islands, of which Hawai‘i Island produced 53.1 percent of agriculture products and 38.4 percent of process foods, $88.4 million dollars in visitor direct spending on products and processed foods combined. 
    Source: Research and Economic Analysis Division, DBEDT, July 2022. Resource: Research and Economic Analysis Division, DBEDT, July 2022.
  8. Hawai‘i island farmers are supported by island food hubs, agriculture communities, and hotels that support farm production and buy local produce. Resource: Statewide Hui Helps Island Food Hubs Increase the Use of Locally Grown Food Local Farmers, Shoppers, Chefs and Grocers Benefit. Sept 7, 2023
  9. Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA) supports community residents through the Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP) with community based projects and stewardship programs managed by non-profit organizations that protects and manages our natural, and cultural resources, and wahi pana (sacred places) across the moku for program years 2021 in to 2024. Some of the wahi pana projects that are supported includes Pololū, Waipi‘o, Keaukaha, Punalu‘u and Kealakekua. Resource: New Keaukaha Programs Aim to Mitigate Visitor Impacts, Protect Natural and Cultural Resources
  10.  The Pono Pledge is Hawai‘i Island’s culturally appropriate message we share with residents and visitors on how to mālama ‘āina, how to be watchful and mindful of yourself, your neighbor and the natural and cultural resources when visiting the wahi pana (sacred places), the ocean and viewing marine animals.  Twenty-three thousand, four hundred and ninety-one people have watched the Pono Pledge video and signed the Pono Pledge. Be the next one to take the Pono Pledge today at! Resource: The Pono Pledge
  11. Mālama Hawai‘i initiatives on Hawai‘i Island and throughout the State gives residents and visitors the opportunity to experience Hawai‘i in a unique way and builds community pilina (relationships and connectedness) through stewardship and voluntourism. Mālama initiatives makes Hawai‘i a better place for all of us to live while being good stewards of the ‘āina (land). Some of the voluntourism programs on Hawai‘i moku (island) includes ‘Āina Ho‘ōla Initiative, Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden, Hawaiʻi, Environmental Restoration, Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund, Ohia Ridge Farm, Uluhaʻo o Hualālai, and Waikōloa Dry Forest Initiative. Join us to make 2024 a year of Mālama Hawai‘i that we may steward our special places well, and live and enjoy community and ‘āina through volunteering.  Mahalo nui! To learn more about Mālama Hawai‘i program
  12. Maybe you work in the tourism industry or have a family or friend that does; this is our FINAL post for the 12 days of interesting facts about tourism.  The Island of Hawai‘i Visitor Bureau (IHVB) team, is here to serve our residents, community and visitor industry. We wish you and your ohana a Mele Kalikimaka nui! Happy New Years everyone and Mahalo for all the support!

12.21.2023  Hawai‘i Food Hub Communication Initiative IHVB released its 5th press release on Hawai‘i Island food communities; Ag Tours Benefit Local Economy, Food Producers.  The press release highlights fun and engaging ag tours on Hawai‘i Island.  The audience learns about how farmers rely on ag-tourism to help their bottom line and how farm tours offer fun and engaging experiences for visitors and residents. OK Farms, Tea Hawai‘i and Company, Starseed Ranch in Kapa‘au are a few farm tour programs featured in the release.  We also learned there are 38 farm tours on the island listed on Since the press release was released, Hawai‘i News Now Anchor/Reporter Annalisa Burgos is interested in running a story on one of the farm tours.  We have connected her with the farms directly.  Also Ka‘ū News Brief and Big Island Gazette picked up the story in their local newspaper. West Hawai‘i Today and the Tribune Herald picked up the food hub story that was released in September.  Action – F/F1 & F2.