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HVCB Staff Directory

Tom Mullen Interim President & Chief Executive Officer - Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer



Jay Talwar Senior Vice President of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer

Corporate and Financial Services

Donna Valenciano Controller

Shari Lee Director, Human Resources

Andrew Bailey Corporate Services Coordinator

Brandon Goda Compliance Analyst

Sa Taʻala Executive Assistant to T. Mullen - Board Corporate Secretary

Island Chapters


Sue Kanoho Managing Director, Island Chapters - Executive Director, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

Maile Brown Director of Marketing, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

Patricia Ornellas Destination Manager, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

Lani Kaui Project Manager, Community Enrichment Program and Sales Coordinator, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

Christy Lagundino Office Assistant, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau

Becky Sadamitsu Administrative Assistant, Kauaʻi Visitors Bureau


Noelani Schilling-Wheeler Executive Director, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau

Karishma Chowfin Director of Sales, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau

Catherine Orlans Oʻahu Destination Manager, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau

Kalaʻi Pomroy Marketing & Sales Manager, Oʻahu Visitors Bureau


Sherry Duong Executive Director, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

Leanne Pletcher Director of Public Relations & Marketing, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

June Pagdilao Director of Sales, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

Janet Kuwahara Senior Manager of Operations, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

Meagan DeGaia Destination Manager, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau

Sumithra Balraj Community Enrichment Program (CEP) Project Manager

Rachelle Duarte Administrative Specialist


Scott Pauli Executive Director, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

Deanna Isbister Director of Sales, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

Donna Kimura Director, Marketing, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

Rachel Kaiama Destination Manager - Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

Michelle Hiʻilani Pope Community Enrichment Program (CEP) Project Manager

Kalei Bridges Sales Manager, Island of Hawaiʻi Visitors Bureau

Market Insights & Customer Relationship Management


Jeffrey Eslinger Senior Director, Market Insights & CRM

Roxanne Relles Manager, Customer Relationship Management

Stancen Abbey CRM Specialist


Gina Chun Senior Director, Advertising and Marketing Programs

Kainoa Daines Senior Director, Destination Education

Kara Imai Senior Director, Digital Marketing

Darlene Morikawa Senior Director, Corporate Public Relations, and Destination Management

Lei-Ann Field Senior Director, Visitor Public Relations, and Communications

Christy Calabrese Community Enrichment Program (CEP) Project Manager

Keenan Chung Social Media Manager

Taryn Pascua Manager, Public Relations

Heidi Fujimoto Executive Assistant, Marketing

Meet Hawaiʻi

Lynn Whitehead Vice President, MCI Global Sales

Adrienne Nudo Senior Director, Citywide Sales

Meredith Parkins Regional Director of Sales, Eastern Region

Kathy Dever Regional Director of Sales, Midwest Region

Laurie Wong Ihara Senior Director of Sales, Single Property

Trevor Newman Director, Citywide Sales, Business Development

Lee Conching Director, Client Services

Josette Murai, CMP, CPCE Senior Manager, Sales Administration

Autumn Armijo Sales Coordinator

Karla Sison Sales Coordinator


Karen Wataru Nakaoka Senior Director, Member and Community Engagement

Bill Kennedy Manager, Membership Services and Operations

Armida York Manager, Membership Development and Engagement

Eric Mok Manager, Membership Communications and Events

Travel Trade

Robyn Basso Senior Director, Travel Industry Partnerships

Vanessa Johnson Director of Travel Industry Partnerships


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