Media eNewsletter: The O‘ahu Visitors Bureau’s quarterly media eNewsletter, News, Updates & Aloha From O‘ahu, communicates O‘ahu’s current regenerative tourism direction, Mālama Hawai‘i news, and updates on visitor experiences and tourism products to our U.S. media and to our HTA GMTs to disseminate to their respective market media.

  • O‘ahu Visitors Bureau distributed its second Regenerative Tourism Updates on Oʻahu release on March 21, 2024.

Visiting Media: The O‘ahu Visitors Bureau continues to vet and support media visits that will translate to stories that impact visitors, residents, and the industry positively. The O‘ahu Visitors Bureau hosted the following media:

  • OVB continues to vet and schedule media visits for 2024 year that will translate to stories that impact visitors, residents, and the industry positively.
  • OVB supported Seattle Refined contributor Lisette Wolter-McKinley with her visit to Oʻahu from March 13 – 17. She is working to produce two stories for Seattle Refined including a piece for her “The Classroom is Everywhere” series and “5 Spots to Chase the Sunshine During Our Seattle Winter”.
  • OVB is conducting media outreach for participation in a Mini Media FAM taking place this Spring for a preview of the Festival of the Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPAC) as well as related experiences on O‘ahu that share the same themes and intentions as FestPAC.



The O‘ahu Visitors Bureau is working closely with HVCB and the other Island Visitors Bureaus to align and prepare for sales activities in 2024.

  • Webinar: Dugans Travel | Mar 12; 26pax in attendance. OVB shared destination and regenerative travel updates



Global Marketing Team (GMT) Support. The Oʻahu Visitors Bureau, along with the other Island Chapters, assist the HTA GMTs with guidance and expertise on each island. The Oʻahu Visitors Bureau provided support for the following programs:

  • Over a week’s course, OVB and the other Island Visitors Bureaus attending HTA’s Spring Tourism Update week that included meeting with HTA and HTA’s Global Marketing Teams (GMTs) to ensure alignment between anticipated support needs and OVB’s O‘ahu brand positioning.  Industry discussions with each major market areas GMT for 2024 strategies and tactics; and support of HTA, HTLA, and industry efforts at Tourism Day at the Capital. 
  • During the HTA’s Spring Tourism Update week, OVB developed and managed a HTA Spring O‘ahu FAM for HTA and GMTs to understand and learn about some of O‘ahu’s experiences.  The FAM was themed loosely around the upcoming Festival of the Pacific, and the reframing of Hawai‘i as part of Polynesia, providing a fresh perspective for the GMTs to consider for creative opportunities.
  • Public Relations/Media
    • Working with HTO Australia on golf writer’s, Roxanne Williams, visit in April with itinerary suggestions and contact information.
    • Working with HTO on Australian Media FAM scheduled for May and Australian golf writ.
  • Travel Trade & Sales
    • OVB is currently working on and supporting the Global Meet Hawai‘i team on three upcoming Japanese MCI FAMs.
    • Hawai‘i Tourism Europe – HTE
      • Responded to email request and provided DMC list; options and contact information for luxury private tours
      • Provided information in response to consumer destination wedding inquiry– provided wedding venue information & wedding resources to assist with consumer request
    • Hawai‘i Tourism Korea - HTK
      • Trade FAM (Mar 31 – Apr 3; 9 pax)
        • OVB reviewed IC FAM Request Form
        • Itinerary review and suggestions
        • Created template for delegate /rooming list and issued to HTK for completion.
        • OVB provided and coordinated welcome bags for attendees
        • OVB co-hosting meal with HTK at Moku Kitchen to support program and support DMAP initiatives
      • Hawai‘i Culture and Festival Media_ Influencer FAM (Apr 3-5; 5pax)
        • OVB reviewed IC FAM Request Form
        • Itinerary review and suggestions
    • Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania - HTO (Australia)
      • We are Explorers film project (Mar ’24)
        • Provided guidance on experiences to be included in project
        • Introduced HTO manager via email and provided HTO with contact information for selected O‘ahu partners
      • Responded to email request - provided venue options & resources (hotels, private estates, unique venues, wedding planners, O‘ahu Wedding Association) for destination wedding inquiry (Oct ’24)
    • Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania - HTO (New Zealand)
      • Ad Hoc FAM Support - First Travel / Lifestyle Holidays
        • Mar 19 – 22; 6pax
        • Itinerary review and suggestions
        • OVB provided and coordinated welcome bags for attendees.
        • OVB co-hosted Pā‘ina Lū‘au with Waikīkī Beach Marriott Resort and Spa for attendees
      • Pre IPW FAM (Apr 28-30)
        • OVB reviewed IC FAM Request Form
        • OVB reviewed itinerary and provided suggestions



  • Hawai‘i Tourism Authority: Global Marketing Team Internal Meetings | Mar 4
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Authority: Q1 Partnership Meetings | Mar 5
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Authority: Spring Tourism Update | Mar 6
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Authority: Global Marketing Team Post FAM |Mar 7
  • Webinar: Dugans Travel | Mar 12
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania: First Travel / Lifestyle Holidays FAM (Ad Hoc) | Mar 19  22
  • Travel Agent Forum: Las Vegas, NV | Mar 24 – 27
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Korea: Trade FAM | Mar 31 – Apr 3
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Korea: Hawaiian Culture and Festival Media & Influencer FAM | Apr 3 – 5
  • Travel Weekly Leadership Forum: Apr 9
  • Island Chapter Visitors Bureau: Multi Island FAM | Apr 10  13
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Japan: Japan Summit | Apr 25
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania: Pre-IPW FAM | Apr 28 – 30
  • Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania: Month of Lei (Auckland, Tauranga, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gold Coast) | May 15 – 23
  • Hawai‘i Tourism China: ITB China | China Sales Mission (Shanghai, Beijing) | May 26 – Jun 1



O‘ahu’s Upcoming Events:

  • Hawaiʻi International Film Festival (HIFF) 2024 Spring Showcase:  March 21, 2024  March 28, 2024
  • Waikīkī Aquarium’s 17th Annual Mauka to Makai Environmental Expo, April 13, 2024
  • Waimānalo Kanikapila, April 20, 2024
  • Hale'iwa Metric Century & Aloha Fun Ride, April 28, 2024
  • 96th Annual Lei Day Celebration presented by Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, May 1, 2024
  • Hawaiian Airlines May Day 2024, May 1, 2024
  • Flores de Mayo & Filipino Fiesta, May 4, 2024
  • Cinco de Mayo, presented by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hawai‘i and the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, May 5, 2024
  • AccesSurf's Hawaiʻi Adaptive Surfing Championships, May 13 – 16, 2024